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    The three guided wave systems commercialized are: MsS, GUL, and Teletest systems. Two different types of probes are used for generating guided wave in pipe. The MsS system uses a magnetostrictive sensor (MsS) probe that covers the whole pipe circumference continuously. The Teletest and GUL systems use piezoelectric transducer belts or rings discretely spaced along the pipe circumference.

    All three systems have pros and cons in long-range ultrasonic guided wave applications. Which one is the best? It will depend on the application areas. The best way to check is through a comparison test for each application.

    However, the three guided wave systems are the same in the following ways:

  1. All three systems only generate and detect low-frequency ultrasonic waves in the pipe.
  2. The systems cannot control natural phenomenon inherent to ultrasonic guided waves such as the interaction between the ultrasonic waves and defects, attenuation due to geometric features, coating, and soil, and wave propagation characteristics.
  3. They can be used for 100-percent volumetric inspection.
  4. They have data analysis software.
  5. They can generate torsional, longitudinal, and flexural wave modes.
  6. They mainly use the fundamental torsional wave mode because it is non-dispersive.
  7. They are battery operated.
  8. They can test a structure of any material if the material transmits ultrasonic waves.

    The main uses of a guided wave testing systems are corrosion under insulation (CUI) inspections, and inspections of road crossing, aboveground painted, and offshore pipelines.


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