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Capabilities of MsS Guided Wave System

  • 100 % of the pipe is inspected within the inspection range of pipe (volumetric inspection)
  • Ability to detect corrosion wall loss and cracks in aboveground, buried, and insulated pipe
  • Any pipe size can be tested (usually 0.25- to 80-inch outer diameter)
  • Liquid and gas does not affect testing
  • Inspection range in straight above ground pipeline is typically 50 meters on either side of the MsS probes and can be up to 200 meters in ideal conditions
  • Sensitivity can be 1% cross sectional loss for a pipe in good condition (but the threshold can be set at 5 % for buried pipeline or at long distance)
  • The generated signal with MsS probe is 56 dB (600 times) higher than the coherent noise of unwanted modes
  • MsS probes can be attached to a pipe with dry coupling, epoxy bonding or ultrasonic shear couplant depending on the pipe condition
  • MsS probes are inexpensive and can be permanently installed on a pipeline at difficult-to-access locations for long-term pipe monitoring
  • A continuous probe covers the entire circumference of a pipe
    - Excellent direction control
    - Zero near-field length
  • MsS probe has short dead zone length
    -1ft with32kHzprobe
    - 0.8 ft with 64 kHz probe
    - 5 inch with 128 kHz probe
  • A pipe of up to 300 C surface temperature can be inspected and monitored without taking it out of service if the MsS probe is bonded at a temperature less than 125 C
  • User-friendly analysis software reduces false calls and helps make an easily understood inspection report
  • Once the probe is installed, the inspection or monitoring can be done. Typically, 20 to 30 locations per day can be inspected. This is cost effective and best for condition-based monitoring.
  • High-sensitivity pipe inspection with high-frequency (50 - 250 kHz) probe
  • Long-range pipe inspection with low-frequency (5 - 50 kHz) probe.


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